This information is here to help you understand and utilize your retirement plans. We will give you all the information you need to plan your own future by understanding how your plans work and how you can use them. NO AGENT WILL CALL YOU, we will send you updates on the information you requested and answer your questions that you may have. With our information you can update, add or change your retirement plan yourself, or you can have us help you – we will only contact you if you request it.

We will talk about our proprietary product called The Advantage. We use The Advantage to explain how your retirement plan works and you are free to use all the information we give you to help you develop your own plan.



Most people save for their retirement utilizing their employers 401k or 403b and/or an IRA. Do you understand how those plans work, and what happens at retirement? Will you have enough money because of the taxes that must be paid and the market ups and downs?

Look at the video below, The Ticking Tax Time Bomb, this will explain the effects taxes have on your retirement plan.

You can do something about the Ticking Tax Time Bomb

But you need to start now – and we can help – no obligation, no pressure.

    Your retirement plan(s):

    Most people have no idea what their true appetite for “risk” is when it comes to growing wealth for retirement. We use the industry’s most accurate risk assessment software to help clients determine their personal Risk Score. If you want to know your Risk Score on a scale from 1-100, click on the button below.

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    Case Study

    To understand more about how The Advantage can be used to your “Advantage” look at the video developed by our affiliate NMIN Advisor. This video is only used as an explanation as to how The Advantage can help you, if you want a non-sale, no-catch explanation or if you want to find out how you can use The Advantage, just use the Contact Us button.

    Understanding Risk

    Another important part of preparing for retirement is understanding risk, again developed by NMIN Advisor. This video goes into what the 3 types of risk that are involved in saving for retirement and the ultimate goal of having enough money to retire. Also covered is what is the difference between Tax-Deferred and Tax Free.

    We have a booklet that explains about retirement, The Ultimate Investment Guide – Dependable Solutions for an Unsure Future. This booklet will take you step by step through the retirement maze and help you to understand how the retirement process works, tax implications, the New Rules for Retirement Planning and some strategies to help you keep your money in retirement.

    This booklet was developed by our affiliate, NMIN Advisors and again, no one will contact you unless you ask for our help.

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    You know you should be saving assets for retirement.

    But do you know all your options for doing so?

    We believe how you save is just as important as how much you save. And we want to help you access an approach that benefits you.

    Our goal is to provide you with a retirement savings option that delivers the important benefits you need.

    This brochure will help you understand the value of these benefits and how this approach can help deliver them.

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    If you have a 401k or 403b for instance, have you ever wanted to know how they work and how you can use them for your own advantage? Well, we’ll show you.

    If you have a pension plan like the South Carolina State Retirement System, have you ever asked or wanted to know – How much of my salary will my pension cover? How is my pension taxed? What beneficiary options are available? How long will my pension last me? We can provide those answers for you and many more. Again, no obligation, no cost and no one will call you.

    Want to get started? We will only need a little more information from you, to answer your questions and to give you the information you requested. Again, no agent will contact you unless you request it.

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